Georgia Vocabulary Lists

Boll Weevil in Georgia

Vocabulary – Boll Weevil in Georgia Pest Noun An organism that is damaging to livestock, crops, humans, or land fertility Eliminate Verb To get rid of something Staple Crop Noun The main or most important crop grown in a geographic region Antebellum Adjective Before the Civil War Scourge Noun somebody or something that is seen […]

FDR Gives Controversial Speech in Barnesville

Vocabulary – FDR Gives Controversial Speech in Barnesville Campaigned Verb To serve or go on a campaign—the competition by rival political candidates and organizations for public office. New Deal Noun The policies of social and economic reform introduced in the United States in the 1930s under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Primary Noun an […]

Sons of Liberty Meet in Savannah

Vocabulary – Sons of Liberty Meet in Savannah Plotting Verb Making secret plans, especially to do with something illegal or damaging to another group Opposition Noun a disapproving attitude toward something and a wish to prevent it, or action taken to show disapproval of and prevent something Parliament Noun the legislature of Great Britain. Revoked […]

Deion Sanders Born

Vocabulary – Deion Sanders Born

William Yates Atkinson Dies

Vocabulary – William Yates Atkinson Dies Lynch Mob Noun Group of citizens with the desire or goal to put someone to death without a trial Progressive Adjective Favoring or advocating change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters. Demagogues Noun A person, especially an orator […]

Woolfolk Murders

Vocabulary – Woolfolk Murders Noun The act of murdering a large number of people (four or more) typically at the same time. Slaughtered Verb The brutal killing of a person or large numbers of people Suspicion Noun A belief or feeling that something is wrong without specific evidence to support it Evidence Noun The objects […]

Conrad Aiken

Vocabulary – Conrad Aiken Psychological Adjective Relating to the human mind or mental processes Foundation Noun the basis or groundwork of anything. Posthumous Adjective After death Pulitzer Prize Noun a prize awarded annually for excellence in American journalism, literature, or music Designated Verb marked, noted, or pointed out for an office or position. Poet Laureate […]

Nellie Peters Dies

Vocabulary – Nellie Peters Dies Reform Verb To improve something by getting rid of faults Unions Noun an organization of wage earners that is set up to serve and advance its members’ interests in terms of wages, benefits, and working hours and conditions Advocate noun a person who speaks, writes, pleads, or supports publicly on […]

Vocabulary — Skip Caray Dies

Vocabulary — Skip Caray Dies Legendary Adjective Belonging to legend, retold for generations Announcer Noun a television or radio commentator who gives news bulletins, commentary on sports, or program information Broadcasting Noun the making and transmission of television and radio programs Sarcastic Adjective Mocking, characterized by words that mean the opposite of what they seem […]

Georgia Delegates Sign the Declaration of Independence

Vocabulary – Georgia Delegates Sign the Declaration of Independence Declaration Noun a proclamation or affirmative announcement. Independence noun freedom from the control and support of others. Continental Congress Noun the assembly of the two legislative congresses which convened during and after the American Revolution. Foreign-born Adjective born in a country other than that in which […]