June 24

Mary Latimer McLendon

June 24, 1840 - DeKalb County, Covington, Atlanta

Prohibition and voting rights for women: they were the twin passions of Mary Latimer McLendon.

Mary Latimer was the younger sister of outspoken suffragist Rebecca Latimer Felton. She was born in DeKalb County in 1840 and graduated from the Southern Masonic Female College in Covington. After the Civil War, McLendon became active in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and founded the Atlanta chapter of the Georgia Women’s Suffrage Association in 1894, serving as president for 18 years. She championed both causes for the rest of her life, heartily approving of federal prohibition through the 18th amendment and the 20th amendment granting women the vote. Two years after her death, in 1921, both of the organizations she supported and led erected a marble fountain in the state Capitol in her honor.

The woman known as the “Mother of Suffrage in Georgia” was born on June 24, 1840, Today in Georgia History.