May 21

Bobby Cox

May 21, 1941 - Atlanta

He holds the dubious distinction of having been thrown out of more ballgames than anyone in baseball history—but few managers ever won more games.

Bobby Cox was born in Oklahoma in 1941 and played two years for the New York Yankees before beginning his managerial career in the minor leagues. The Atlanta Braves hired him for his first stint as manager in 1978. Ted Turner fired him after four seasons, then brought him back as general manager in 1985. In the middle of the 1990 season, Cox took over the struggling team himself, beginning one of the most remarkable managerial runs in sports history.

Over the next 20 seasons Cox led the Braves to 14 consecutive division titles, five league pennants, and a World Series title. He was manager of the year four times and is fourth on the all-time win list. Not bad for a guy that got ejected from a record 158 games for arguing with umpires.

The legendary Braves skipper was born on May 21, 1941, Today in Georgia History.