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For questions regarding Today in Georgia History, contact Georgia Public Broadcasting or the Georgia Historical Society at: or 1-888-501-8960 or 1-877-424-4789

Today in Georgia History is a joint collaboration of the Georgia Historical Society and Georgia Public Broadcasting that includes daily television and radio segments focusing on significant people and events associated with a particular day in Georgia history.

GHS performs historical research and selects the historical events to profile in each segment; creates each script and selects and provides images; creates educational materials and hosts the program with its Senior Historian.

GPB performs all production and post-production activities including recording, editing, and producing each segment for broadcast on television and radio.

The short segments air daily on GPB television and radio stations across the state, and are then archived and available on this website. This interactive website allows you to access audio and video streaming of the segments, as well as transcripts. Tips for teachers, curriculum, writing prompts, review questions and discussion topics, classroom exercises, follow-up research topics and selected primary-source material are also found here.