February 10

William Few

February 10, 1787 - Augusta

He was the other signer from Georgia of the U.S. Constitution.

William Few was born in 1748 in Maryland and moved to Richmond County near Augusta in the 1770s. Few was an active Patriot during the American Revolution. He served in the military, in the state legislature, and as a delegate to the 1777 Georgia Constitutional Convention.

In 1780, Few became an actor on the national stage when Georgia sent him to the Continental Congress. Then, in 1787, Georgia sent Few and five other men to a Philadelphia convention charged with revising the Articles of Confederation that convention didn’t revise, it rewrote and produced an entirely new charter—the United States Constitution. Few and Abraham Baldwin signed the document for Georgia. Unlike future Georgia politicians, they favored a strong central government.

Few served as one of Georgia’s first U.S. Senators, and as a federal judge before eventually moving to New York.

One of the Georgians who signed the U.S. Constitution was appointed to the Constitutional Convention on February 10, 1787, Today in Georgia History.