December 4

Herschel Walker

December 4, 1982 - Wrightsville, Athens

There have been a lot of great Georgia Bulldogs, but very few who needed only one name: Herschel.

Herschel Junior Walker was born in Wrightsville in 1962. He was a highly touted football player at Johnson County High School. Coach Vince Dooley and UGA won the very heated Herschel recruiting war.

In his first game in September 1980, he steamrolled Tennessee safety Bill Bates. His size, speed, and sheer athletic ability were unmatched. Walker’s three seasons at UGA were the most successful in school history: three straight SEC titles, a national championship and undefeated season in his freshman year, 33 wins and only three losses.

Somebody asked Herschel once if he got tired carrying the ball 30 times a game. His answer: “The ball ain’t heavy.”

Walker was All-American in all three seasons. Before he left a year early to play pro ball, he set 11 NCAA records, 16 SEC records, and 41 UGA records during his career.

One of the best college football players in history won the Heisman trophy on December 4, 1982, Today in Georgia History.