June 4

George III Born

June 4, 1738 - statewide

He watched America being born and was its last king. On this day in 1738 at Windsor Castle, Frederick, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Princess Augusta had their first son, George William Frederick.

In 1751, the Prince of Wales died. That put 12-year-old George in line for the throne, which he ascended as King George III when his grandfather, George II, died in 1760. He would reign for 60 years, and die in misery and madness, but he had seen the British gain an empire by defeating the French in North America during the Seven Years War. They became Europe’s greatest power, defeating Napoleonic France in the early 19th century. But George III’s reign was also marked by disastrous policies that drove the American colonies into rebellion, and ultimately independence during the American Revolution.

In 1775, Georgia Patriots spiked cannons in Savannah so they could not roar to celebrate the birthday of the King born on June 4, 1738, Today in Georgia History.