November 13

Georgia State Capitol Construction Begins

November 13, 1884 - Atlanta

It was built to look like the United States Capitol and is now a national historic landmark.

Georgia’s capital moved from Milledgeville to Atlanta in 1868 but without any buildings to house it, so state government had two temporary quarters—the old Atlanta City Hall and the Kimball Opera House.

In 1883, the state legislature authorized $1 million for building a new Capitol building.

Lawmakers wanted it built from Georgia marble and granite, but that was too expensive, so the Ohio construction firm in charge built it with Indiana limestone instead. But Georgia marble was used for the foundation, the cornerstone, the interior floors and steps, and many of the walls, along with half a million bricks from Atlanta’s old City Hall.

For four and a half years, 250 men worked on the the building; it was completed in March of 1889. Topped with the Goddess of Liberty, it was the tallest building in Atlanta at that time.

The tin-covered dome was re-gilded with Dahlonega gold in 1958 and several times since.

Construction began on one of the most recognizable features of Atlanta’s skyline on November 13, 1884, Today in Georgia History.