13th Amendment Officially Ratified

Vocabulary – 13th Amendment Officially Ratified

Ratified Verb to give formal approval to something, usually an
agreement negotiated by somebody else, in order
that it can become valid or operative
Amendment Noun an addition or alteration to a motion, bill, or
Abolished Verb to put an end to something such as a law
Ironically Adverb used to indicate that the speaker finds a
statement unexpected or incongruous
Persuade Verb to succeed in convincing somebody to do
something, especially by reasoning, pleading, or
Emancipation Noun the act or process of setting somebody fre
Proclamation Noun a public or formal announcement
Depriving Verb to prevent somebody from having something
Ensuring Verb to make sure that something will happen
Bondage Noun Slavery, the condition of being enslaved or forced
into serfdom