Alfred Colquitt

Vocabulary – Alfred Colquitt

Imposing Adjective Impressive, large and dignified
Ivy League Noun a group of prestigious and respected universities
in the northeastern United States consisting of
Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard,
Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and
Confederate Noun a supporter or soldier of the Confederate States
of America during the Civil War
Rank Noun an official title or category that shows the holder’s
relative importance or seniority within an
organization, especially a military force
Sectional Crisis Noun During the 1850s, sectional differences within the
United States, largely about slavery, grew wider as the
country’s leaders debated whether to allow slavery to
expand into the western territories and as criticism of
slavery intensified in some free states.
Staunch Adjective Showing loyalty, dependability, and enthusiasm
States Righter Noun A person who believed in the powers of the
individual states as opposed to those of the Federal
Secession Noun the withdrawal from the Union of 11 Southern
States in 1860-1861 that led to the formation of
the Confederacy and the beginning of the Civil
Redeemed Verb to do something that changes a negative opinion
to a positive one