Alice Walker

Vocabulary – Alice Walker

Traumatic Adjective extremely distressing, frightening, or shocking,
and sometimes having long-term psychological
Crippled Noun To crush, impair, or break something
Self-confidence Noun Belief in yourself and your own abilities
Valedictorian Noun a student in a graduating class who is highest in
academic ranking and is usually required to give a
valedictory address at the graduation ceremony
Searing Adjective Intense, strong
Literary Adjective relating to literature, writing, or the study of
Portraits Noun a description of something such as a person,
place, or period
Nurtured Verb to encourage somebody or something to grow,
develop, thrive, and be successful
Pulitzer Prize Noun a prize awarded annually for excellence in
American journalism, literature, or music
Renaissance Noun a rebirth or revival, e.g. of culture, skills, or
learning forgotten or previously ignored