Atlanta Fulton County Stadium

Vocabulary – Atlanta Fulton County Stadium

Brainchild Noun an original plan or idea attributed to a person or
Campaign Noun a series of events, e.g. rallies and speeches, that
are intended to persuade voters to vote for a
specific politician or party
Major League Noun either of the two main professional baseball
Lured Verb to persuade somebody to go somewhere or do
something by offering something tempting
Critics Noun somebody who judges or appraises somebody or
Milestones Noun a significant or important event, e.g. in the history
of a country or in somebody’s life
Championship Noun a contest, competition, or tournament that is held
to decide who will be the overall winner
Demolished Verb to destroy a building or other structure
Groundbreaking Noun a ceremony of breaking ground to begin a new
building or construction project