Bell Bomber Plant Construction Begins

Vocabulary – Bell Bomber Plant Construction Begins

Transformed Verb To change somebody or something completely
and dramatically
Allies Noun The Allies of World War II were the countries that
opposed the Axis powers during the Second World
War (1939–1945). Included the United States, France,
Great Britain and other smaller countries. The Soviet
Union joined the allies in 1941.
Corporation Noun a company recognized by law as a single body
with its own powers and liabilities, separate from
those of the individual members. Corporations
perform many of the functions of private
business, governments, educational bodies, and
the professions.
Prime Adjective Best, or the highest quality
Boosters Noun an enthusiastic promoter or supporter of
something or somebody, e.g. of a team
Lobbied Verb to attempt to persuade a political representative
or influential person to support or oppose a
particular cause
Symbolized Verb to represent something by means of a symbol
Industrial Adjective relating to, used in, or created by industry
Modern Adjective Belonging to the present period of history,
especially used to describe someone or
something that has ideas and activities considered
new, advanced and maybe non-traditional