Centers for Disease Control Established

Vocabulary – Centers for Disease Control Established

Public Health Noun the general health of a community and the
practice and study of ways to preserve and
improve it. Public health includes health
education, sanitation, control of diseases, and
regulation of pollution.
Malaria Noun an infectious disease caused by a parasite that is
transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes.
Common in tropical countries, the disease is
characterized by recurring chills and fever.
Communicable Disease Noun A disease that is able to be passed from one
person, animal, or organism to another
Infectious Disease Noun A disease caused by bacteria, viruses, or other
microorganisms that can be passed from one
person to another
Polio Noun a severe infectious viral disease, usually affecting
children or young adults, that inflames the
brainstem and spinal cord, sometimes leading to
loss of voluntary movement and muscular wasting
Vaccine Noun a preparation containing weakened or dead
microbes of the kind that cause a disease,
administered to stimulate the immune system to
produce antibodies against that disease
Surveillance Noun A close watch. continual observation
Eradicating Verb To get rid of something completely. To destroy or
get rif of something so that it can never return
Smallpox Noun a highly contagious disease caused by a poxvirus
and marked by high fever and the formation of
scar-producing pustules.
Biological terrorism
terrorism involving the intentional release or
spreading of biological agents. These agents are
bacteria, viruses, or toxins.