Charles Coburn

Vocabulary – Charles Coburn

Golden age Noun a period of great prosperity or achievement,
especially in the arts
Broadway Noun a long avenue in Manhattan, New York City, part
of which is the main area of the city’s theater
Character Actor Noun an actor who specializes in playing the roles of
unusual or distinctive characters
Nominated Verb to suggest somebody for an honor or award
Portraying Verb to play a character in drama
Overbearing Adjective Bossy, arrogant and tending to order people
Gentlemen Noun a polite and cultured man who behaves with
courtesy and thoughtfulness
Trademark Noun a distinctive characteristic associated with a
person or group of people
Monocle Noun an eyeglass for correcting the vision of one eye,
held in position by the muscles around the eye
Classical Training Adjective A type of training that involves studying
Shakespeare, Greco-Roman playwrights, Moliere,
Chekhov and traditional acting methods like the
Stanislavski’s system, and the Alexander technique
Comedic Adjective entertainment that is amusing or humorous