Charles McCartney “Goat Man” Born

Vocabulary – Charles McCartney “Goat Man” Born

New Deal Noun a series of economic programs put into place in the
United States between 1933 and 1936. These
programs included relief programs for the poor,
recovery programs for the economy, and reforms such
as Social Security.
Awakening Noun A sudden awareness, recognition, or realization of
Gospel Noun The teachings of Jesus the Christ and the story of
his life, death, resurrection, and second coming.
Salvation Noun in the Christian religion, deliverance from sin or
the consequences of sin through Jesus Christ’s
death on the cross
Fervor Adjective Intensity – extremely passionate
Celebrity Noun Somebody who is famous during his or her
Folk Character Noun A person, real or fictional, whose life and actions
are remembered and passed down in a