Charles Wesley

Vocabulary – Charles Wesley

Hark Verb To listen to somebody or something
Herald Noun Somebody who brings or announces important
Divine Adjective Connected with, coming from, or caused by GOD
Excelling Verb to be very good or outstanding
Holy Adjective Set apart for religious purposes. Devoted to the
service of God.
Anglican Adjective Related to the Anglican church. The Anglican
church is a protestant church called Episcopalian
in USA.
Priest Noun An ordained Christian minister especially in the
Roman Catholic, Anglican, or Eastern Orthodox
churches. responsible for administering the
sacraments, preaching, and ministering to the
needs of the congregation
Propagation Verb To spread something widely
Moravians Noun Protestant religious group coming from the Czech
Republic and having the former leader John Hus.
Itinerant Adjective Traveling from place to place for work