Chattahoochee National Forest Established

Vocabulary – Chattahoochee National Forest Established

Abused Verb to use something in an improper, illegal, or
harmful way
Overused Verb To use to excess
Hydraulic mining Noun a form of mining that uses high-pressure jets of
water to dislodge rock material or move sediment
Wildlife management Noun Wildlife management attempts to balance the
needs of wildlife with the needs of people using
the best available science. Wildlife management
can include game keeping, wildlife conservation
and pest control. Wildlife management has
become an integrated science using disciplines
such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, ecology,
climatology and geography to gain the best
Negotiate Verb to attempt to come to an agreement on
something through discussion and compromise
Forestry Practices Noun Any activity that enhances and/or recovers forest
growth or harvest yield, such as site preparation,
planting, thinning, fertilization, and harvesting.
Erosion Noun the gradual wearing away of rock or soil by
physical breakdown, chemical solution, and
transportation of material, as caused, e.g. by
water, wind, or ice