CNN Debut

Vocabulary – CNN Debut

Revolutionized Verb to cause a radical change in something such as a
method or approach
Network Noun a group of radio or television station affiliates
with a core of programs that they all broadcast at
the same time, with local or regional variations at
other times
Redefined Verb to change the nature or scope of something, or
cause something to be understood differently
Beaming Verb to send or transmit a program to a distant place in
the form of a radio or television signal
Naysayers Noun Somebody who speaks against something, often
refers to people who make a habit of giving
negative opinions about ideas and projects
Shoestring Budget Adjective Running on a very small or limited amount of
Fatal Adjective Leading to death, causing death
Appetite Noun A strong desire or craving for something
Credibility Noun The ability to create belief or trust