Georgia Ratifies the 18th Amendment

Vocabulary – Georgia Ratifies the 18th Amendment

Social Engineering Noun the use of policies that are based on the findings
of social science to deal with social problems
Reformers Noun a person or movement that reforms or tries to
reform others a person or movement that tries to
change and improve something by correcting
problems or getting rid of unacceptable habits or
ways of life
Prohibition Noun in the United States, the period between 1919
and 1933 during which the manufacture, sale, and
transportation of alcoholic beverages was
forbidden by the 18th Amendment
Evangelical Protestants Noun relating or belonging to any Protestant Christian
church that emphasizes the authority of the Bible
and salvation through the personal acceptance of
Jesus Christ
Temperance Noun total abstinence from alcoholic drink
Abolitionist Noun an antislavery supporter in the 18th and 19th
Dens of iniquity Noun a place where illegal, sinful and secret activities
take place
Nativist Noun a policy, especially in the United States, of
favoring the interests of the indigenous
inhabitants of a country over those of immigrants
Zeal Noun Enthusiasm – energetic and unflagging
enthusiasm, especially for a cause or idea
Rural Adjective found in or living in the country. relating to,
characteristic of, or involving farming
Mandated Noun an official command or instruction from an