Georgia Ratifies U.S. Constitution

Vocabulary – Georgia Ratifies U.S. Constitution

Contentious Adjective causing or likely to cause disagreement and disputes between people with differing views

Sacred Adjective Worthy of respect as one might respect or worship in a religious context

Charter Noun a formal written statement of the aims, principles, and procedures of an organization

Delegates Noun somebody who is chosen to represent or given the authority to act on behalf of another person, group, or organization, e.g. at a meeting or conference

Revise Verb to change a previous estimate in order to make it more accurate or realistic

Fractious Adjective Full of disagreement

Grudging Adjective done or given reluctantly, or doing or giving something reluctantly

Branches Noun a subdivision of a large organization, usually with a specialized mission. Just like a tree has separate branches that are all part of one plant.

Ratify Verb to give formal approval to something, usually an agreement negotiated by somebody else, in order that it can become valid or operative

Unanimously Adjective with all members in agreement with each other. 100%