German U-Boat Attacks

Vocabulary – German U-Boat Attacks

Nazis Noun a member of the fascist German National Socialist
Party that came to power under the leadership of
Adolf Hitler in 1933
Unlikely Adjective not likely to be true or be believed
Prime Adjective Best, of the highest quality
Antisubmarine Noun The systematic and continuing investigation of an area
or along a line to detect or hamper submarines
Uncoordinated Adjective Not organized
Blackout Noun a period during wartime in which all lights are to
be turned off or covered up at night to prevent
inhabited areas from being seen from enemy
Prowling Verb the act of roaming stealthily for prey, food, or
Silhouetted Verb to cause somebody or something to appear
surrounded by light
Torpedo Noun a cylindrical self-propelled missile that is launched
from an aircraft, ship, or submarine and travels
underwater to hit its target