Grace Towns Hamilton

Vocabulary – Grace Towns Hamilton

Psychology Noun the scientific study of the human mind and
mental states, and of human and animal behavior
Decade Noun A period of ten years
Appointed Adjective to select a person or a group of people for an
official position or to do a job
Architect Noun somebody whose job is to design buildings and
advise on their construction
Charter Noun a formal written statement describing the rights
and responsibilities of a state and its citizens
Reapportionment Noun Redistribution of representation in a legislative body,
especially the periodic reallotment of U.S.
congressional seats according to changes in the census
figures as required by the Constitution.
Reconstruction Noun the period of U.S. history from 1865 through
1877, during which the states that had seceded
during the Civil War were reorganized under
federal control and later restored to the Union
Effective Adjective causing a result, especially the desired or
intended result