Harry Crews

Vocabulary – Harry Crews

Hailed Verb to praise or approve a person, action, or
accomplishment with enthusiasm
Bold Adjective willing and eager to face danger or adventure
with a sense of confidence and fearlessness
Southern Gothic Noun is a subgenre of Gothic fiction unique to American
literature that takes place exclusively in the
American South. Common themes in Southern
Gothic literature include deeply flawed
characters, decayed or derelict settings, and other
sinister events relating to or coming from poverty,
racism, and violence. It is unlike its parent genre
in that it uses these tools not solely for the sake of
suspense, but to explore social issues and reveal
the cultural character of the American South
Brutal Adjective Harsh, severe, ruthless, cruel
Psychological Adjective Relating to the human mind or the mental
Persona Noun Personality that somebody wants to show the
outside world.
Acclaimed Verb To praise somebody or something publicly and
Memoir Noun a biography or an account of historical events,
especially one written from personal knowledge
Rural Adjective Outside the city, county or country living,
Prolific Adjective Very productive, producing works in large