Henry Tift

Vocabulary – Henry Tift

Carpetbagger Noun
Manufacturing Noun
Lumber Noun
Sawmill Noun
Economic Adjective
Hub Noun
Intersected Verb
Incorporated Adjective
Infrastructure Noun
Fostered Verb
Agricultural Adjective
Enterprises Noun
Benefactors Noun
a Northerner who moved to the southern United States after the Civil War, especially one seeking political or commercial advantage
a business manufacturing lightweight metal goods
trees that have been sawed and prepared for use in building, woodworking, or cabinetmaking
a factory in which wood is sawed into planks or boards by machine
relating to economics, or the economy or business activities of a country
a place that is a center of activity or interest
overlap or have things in common with something or each other
legally established as a corporation; combined or merged into one thing
the most basic level of organizational structure in a complex body or system that serves as a foundation for the rest
to encourage the development of something
with farming as the dominant way of life; involving or relating to agriculture
a commercial company; organized business activities aimed specifically at growth and profit
somebody who aids a cause, institution, or person, especially with a gift of money