Henry Wirz

Vocabulary — Henry Wirz

Mortality rate


Commandant: noun; officer in charge, an officer in command of a military organization

Swelled: verb; transitive and intransitive verb to become, or make something, larger, fuller, or rounder, or expand in size or shape, usually as a result of pressure from within

Impose: verb; levy or enforce something to lay down something compulsory such as a tax or a punishment

Malnutrition: noun; a lack of healthy foods in the diet, or an excessive intake of unhealthy foods, leading to physical harm

Mortality Rate: noun; ratio deaths to population, the number of deaths in a place or group compared with the total number of people in that place or group

Tribunal: noun; judging body, a body that is appointed to make a judgment or inquiry

Conspiracy: noun; plan to commit an illegal act, a secret plan or agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal or subversive act