Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

Vocabulary – Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield

Confederate Noun Supporter or soldier of Confederate States of
America during the Civil War
Defensive Campaign Noun A series of military operations with the goal of
defending territory against an attacking enemy
Flank Noun the left or right side of a military formation
Frontal Assault Noun Attacking the front line of your enemy
Fortified Verb to make a place less susceptible to attack by
building or creating defensive structures such as
walls, ditches, or ramparts
Tactical Adjective undertaken or for use in support of other military
and naval operations
Casualties Noun Injured or dead soldier
Association Noun A group of people or organizations joined
together for a purpose
Preserved Verb Make sure that something lasts. to keep
something protected from anything that would
cause its current quality or condition to change or
deteriorate or cause it to fall out of use