Leila Denmark

Vocabulary – Leila Denmark

Pediatrician Noun A doctor focusing on the treatment of children
Interned Verb to work as a trainee gaining practical experience,
e.g. as a junior doctor in a hospital
Segregated Adjective The state of people being separated by race,
ethnicity, gender, etc…
Wards Noun a room in a hospital, especially one for several
patients being given similar treatment
Clinic Noun a medical center that specializes in a particular
condition or area of medicine
Whooping Cough Noun an infectious bacterial disease that causes violent
coughing spasms followed by sharp, shrill
inhalations. It mainly affects children.
Pertussis Noun This is the technical name for whooping cough
Vaccine Noun a preparation containing weakened or dead
microbes of the kind that cause a disease,
administered to stimulate the immune system to
produce antibodies against that disease
Distinguished Adjective well known and respected for an achievement,
skill, knowledge, or talent