Lucius D. Clay

Vocabulary – Lucius D. Clay

Architect Noun somebody who creates or invents something
Logistical Adjective involving the planning and management of how
things are moved, especially military forces or
industrial goods
Feats Noun a remarkable act or achievement involving
courage, skill, or strength
Humane Adjective showing the better aspects of the human
character, especially kindness and compassion
Procurement Verb Process dealing with a nation’s investments in the
technologies, programs, and product support
necessary to achieve its national security strategy
and support its armed forces.
Sector Noun a part of an area where military forces are
operating or in control
Soviets Noun the government of the former Soviet Union, or
the leaders of the former Communist bloc
Blockade Verb To create an organized action to prevent people
or goods entering or leaving a place
Berlin Airlift Noun daily airlift which brought much needed food and
supplies into the city of West Berlin
Interstate Highway
System Noun a network of limited-access roads including
freeways, highways, and expressways forming
part of the National Highway System of the
United States of America
Memorial Noun something that is intended to remind people of
somebody who has died or an event in which
people died, e.g. a statue, speech, or ceremony