Massive Resistance

Vocabulary – Massive Resistance

Opposition Noun Hostile attitude or action, a disapproving attitude
toward something and a wish to prevent it
Desegregation Verb To put an end to a customary or enforced
separation by groups
Resistance Noun Opposition to somebody or something, refusal to
give in
Defiant Adjective Aggressively challenging. Unwilling to change or
be moved
Joint Session Noun A meeting of both houses of congress (senate and
house of representatives)
Invoke Verb to quote, rely on, or use something such as a law
in support of an argument or case
Doctrine of
Interposition Noun A belief that the states have the right to question
the constitutionality of a federal decision
Null and Void Adjective Not valid, in this case it would mean that a law or
act would not be put in place
Sovereign Adjective Independent, self-governing, not ruled by any
other power
Integrate Verb To make a group, community, place, or
organization and its opportunities available to
everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion,
gender, or social class
Federal Noun Related to the central government. In the united
states this includes the united states congress,
office of the president, and national offices such
as the US Post office or the Department of
Exemplified Verb Be example of something, to show or illustrate
something by being a typical or example.