Newt Gingrich

Vocabulary – Newt Gingrich


Polarizing; verb, to make the differences between groups or ideas ever more clear-cut and extreme, hardening the opposition between them, or become ever more clear-cut and extreme in this way
Republican; adjective, belonging to or supporting the Republican Party in the United States
Conservative; adjective, a political philosophy that typically favors smaller government, lower taxes, a strong military, and traditional family values.
Opposition; noun, a disapproving attitude toward something and a wish to prevent it, or action taken to show disapproval of and prevent something
Partisan; adjective, a strong supporter of a person, group, or cause, especially one who does not listen to other people’s opinions
Debate; adjective, to talk about something at length and in detail, especially as part of a formal exchange of opinion
Resignation; notification of leaving a job, a formal notification of leaving a paid or unpaid position
Era; noun, distinctive period of history: a period of time made distinctive by a significant development, feature, event, or personality