Stand Waite

Vocabulary – Stand Waite

Confederacy Noun Confederate States of America – the
confederation of the 11 southern states that
seceded from the United States in 1861, an act
that started the Civil War. Alabama, Arkansas,
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and
Virginia were the states that seceded.
Assassinated Verb to kill somebody, especially a political leader or
other public figure, by a sudden violent attack
Betrayal Verb to harm or be disloyal to a country or another
person by helping an enemy or giving information
that is confidential or surrendering something to
an enemy
Faction Noun a group that is a minority within a larger group
and has interests or beliefs that are not always in
harmony with the larger group
Regiment Noun a permanent military unit usually consisting of
two or three battalions of ground troops divided
into smaller companies or troops under the
command of a colonel