Treaty of New Echota

Vocabulary – Treaty of New Echota

Treaty Noun a formal contract or agreement negotiated between countries or other political entities

Ceding Verb to surrender or give up something such as land, rights, or power, to another country, group, or person

Compensation Noun an amount of money or something else given to pay for loss, damage, or work done

Negotiated Verb to attempt to come to an agreement on something through discussion and compromise

Faction Noun a group that is a minority within a larger group and has interests or beliefs that are not always in harmony with the larger group

Swarmed Verb a large crowd or group of people moving to a location similar to a swarm of bees

Authorization Noun official power or permission to do something

Ratified Verb to give formal approval to something, usually an agreement negotiated by somebody else, in order that it can become valid or operative

Rejected Verb to refuse to accept, agree to, believe in, or make use of something, e.g. because it is not good enough or not the right thing

Retaliation Noun An act of revenge

Assassinated Verb A planned murder of specific targets

Compounding Verb to make something more extreme or intense by adding something to it