William Few

Vocabulary – William Few

Patriot Noun a proud supporter or defender of his or her
country and its way of life
Legislature Noun an official body, usually chosen by election, with
the power to make, change, and repeal laws
Convention Noun A meeting to discuss the creation of a constitution
Continental Congress Noun the congress of delegates from the American
colonies held before, during, and after the
American Revolution. It issued the Declaration of
Independence (1776) and drafted the Articles of
Confederation (1777).
Revising Verb to change a previous estimate in order to make it
more accurate or realistic
Articles of
Confederation Noun Governing document of the United States before
the creation of the Constitution
Charter Noun a formal written statement describing the rights
and responsibilities of a state and its citizens
Federal Adjective relating to a political unit established on a federal
basis, especially its central government
Appointed Verb Given a job, duty, or office